Rarámuri - 'Those with light feet'

Made for the dare-it-alls, the do-ers and the dreamers.

Our Story

Edel Van Riet is a true adventurer. From a young age, the explorer in him craved for great adventures. One day, he left on a journey to explore Latin America on his own. He worked as a volunteer in Guatemala, guided hikes to volcanoes in Nicaragua, traveled through the Mexican jungle and sailed the Caribbean Sea to Colombia. A journey to remember.
One encounter would leave a deep impression on him. Whilst trekking through the high mountains of Mexico, Edel got to know a very special Indian tribe. They called themselves the Rarámuri, which literally means ‘those with light feet’. This encounter would become the start of a new adventure.

Simplicity in Design

Patent protected design inspired by the ancient way the Rarámuri create their own sandals. Using ribbons, ‘Los Rarámuri’ tie a piece of car tire around their feet.

Confidence in Comfort

No senseless details. Just the world’s most comfortable, stylish travel sandals. Inspired by our adventures, made for yours.

Honest and Ecological

No unfair production in low-wage countries. Made by the best Spanish shoemaker from high-quality leather and volcanic rubber.

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