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We plant trees!

of forest planted

Our Charity

For each Rarámuri Sandal sold, we are happy to say we plant a tree with the help of the non-profit organisation Bos+. As we are inspired by the beautiful Rarámuri Indians who are still practicing a traditional lifestyle in the high sierras of Mexico, our aim is to be as close to nature as they are. Ecology and fair fashion are key values of our brand.

“We aim to be as close to nature as they are”

The Rarámuri believe the world started with the sun kissing the moon, a spiritual encounter that created a tidal wave, wiping everything out and leaving nothing but some little seeds on earth. Out of these budding seeds the Rarámuri Indians are believed to have arisen.

Honouring the Rarámuri’s creation story, we love to give something back to Mother Earth, by planting our own seeds. Bos+ seeds trees for us all over the world through the funding each sold Rarámuri Sandal generates.



We plant trees all over the world. We’ve planted forests in Kenya, Guatemala, Indonesia, and the Amazon rainforest.

+1000 trees


We plant 1 tree per sandal sold! We’ve already planted more than 1000 trees since 2019. Good for a forest of 12080 m². And we’ve only just begun …

203,97 tons CO2

12080 m² of forests, that’s no less than 203 tonnes of carbon monoxide. The equivalent of the consumption of a car that drives around for 16,107 days!

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