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‘Back to the roots’ with our new branding

Perhaps you’ve already noticed it: our website has changed. Rarámuri has a new look. Discover our inspiration; the rich history and beautiful colors of the Rarámuri Indians.

‘Back to the roots’

Rarámuri literally means “those with light feet.” The agility, perseverance and unique footwear of these Indians were the direct inspiration for the Rarámuri sandals. The Indians run tens of kilometers a day on their handmade sandals – they never just walk. And they do so with an unbelievable grace and flexibility.

The same simplicity and creativity forms the basics of our sandals. The sole has been improved by a combination of leather and volcanic rubber. The vibrant colors and the tie methods of the Rarámuri have been preserved. You’ll also notice this in our new branding.

The creation story

In the new design, important symbols from the Rarámuri culture provide guidance. The Indians see the sun and the moon as their creators. According to the legend, they lived in darkness after the moon took away the light from the sun. Only after the Indians presented the two celestial bodies some tesqüino, a traditional drink, the light returned to earth.

Accompanied by the new light, two Indian children brought three seeds and three beans from the top of the nearby Lavachi mountain. The survivors carefully planted the seeds in their own village, after which the Rarámuri really came to life. The Indians believe that they’re all descended from those seeds.

Recognizable colors and elements

The Rarámuri colors are taken from life. The orange refers to the traditional clothing of the Indians. Their robes are colorful and cheerful. The greenery refers to unspoiled nature. The Copper Canyon, one of the valleys where thousands of Rarámuri live together – is known for its green mountaintops and its pure air.

At the same time, our logo has been thoroughly changed. The “R” with the leaf in it refers to the germinating seed from the creation story of the Rarámuri. The connection between the Indians and nature is unbreakable. And we gladly honor that bond. That is why we plant a tree for each sandal sold.

The new branding builds on our years of quality and is straightforward. Just like the sandals. Simple and with respect for tradition and nature, ideal to accompany you on all your adventures. Safe travels!

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